Product customisation

Here it is!

We have some display stock that has been slightly discoloured due to being in shop windows and being exposed to sunlight.

We don't want these pieces to go to waste so we would like our followers to do the following (Only if you're interested).

We want you to customise these pieces however you see fit. Tie Dye, distress them, clothing die, clothing paint, adding fabrics! Anything!

Anyone who wants to take part needs to do the following..

Vote on our instagram story for which piece you would like to receive (these will be free to the winners).

These names will then be placed into a hat and drawn at random.

The winners will then be contacted via DM. The product will then be sent to the winner.

The winners will have until 10th May 2020 to customise these products.

All entrants will then be put into a poll on our instagram story to determine the winner. This goes to the one with the most votes.

The winner of this competition will receive a free t-shirt from our next launch (coming soon) before they are released!


We will list the products and sizes that we have available on our instagram story.

These discoloured products will be free of charge and will be posted to the winners.

UK entrants only.

Have fun customising our products and we look forward to seeing the finished result! And who knows, if it's a banger then you could be collaborating with us for a design in the future!

Thank you!



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